The decision states that he was arrested after the paralegal who worked with him shared these activities with other lawyers at Beaver`s firm. “Mr. Beaver both exploited the junior lawyer by putting them in his illegal scheme and then ordering them to hide his illegal activities,” the Court of Appeal wrote. Jura was then suspended and eventually expelled. “He destroyed incriminating evidence that could be used against him to conceal what he had done and filed a trail of false evidence.” With over 40 years of experience in serious bodily injury law, our personal injury team knows that accidents that result in serious injuries often have profound and lasting effects on those involved. We understand that while all you want to do is rest and heal your physical wounds, you are also burdened by the mental and emotional stress of boarding medical bills, insurance clerks, and often opposing parties trying to blame. While these issues can be overwhelming for yourself, our personal injury lawyers at Beaver Courie are here to help you lift heavy objects while you focus on the healing process. Our lawyers are highly experienced in a variety of bodily injuries, including car accidents, slip and fall cases, defective product cases, and medical malpractice. If you have suffered serious damage in an accident caused by someone else`s negligence, you may be entitled to damages, including loss of income and earning capacity, past and future medical expenses, property damage, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Personal injury is often urgent and cannot be prosecuted outside a specific limitation period. Don`t miss the opportunity to be compensated, contact our personal injury lawyers today to explore your legal options. • Acted for benefits consulting in the acquisition of assets of a global insurance company. • Acted for the group of investors in connection with the acquisition of the assets of a Radio Station A.M. based in New Jersey. • Representation of the manufacturing company in the context of a restructuring that allowed an employee to acquire a 50% stake in a tax-efficient manner. • Acted for a real estate company in several joint venture transactions with various private equity funds. • Acted for the group of investors in connection with the acquisition of a 75% stake in a software company. • Representation of a private real estate fund in the sale of a stake in a hotel project.

• Acted for a private company in connection with a joint venture transaction involving the acquisition of gold from several mines in Ghana. In North Carolina, the charge of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs can have life-changing consequences. People charged with a DWI/DUI are often convicted because their blood alcohol level was above the legal limit (0.08 or higher) when driving a motor vehicle. The legal limit is even lower if you are a commercial driver (0.04 or higher). DWI/DUI fees can result in a licence suspension that can affect your ability to commute to work or school, and convictions can lead you to have a criminal record, undermining your personal and professional opportunities. Our award-winning DWI lawyers are highly qualified to explore all kinds of defenses in a case. For example, there may be ways to challenge why the police stopped your vehicle, the tests the police used to assess impairment, and other procedural errors that may have occurred. The top priority for our team of Fayetteville DWI lawyers is to explore all possible ways to avoid a conviction, but even if a conviction is inevitable, we continue our efforts to minimize the penalties you may incur so that you can work normally again. Being charged with a crime in North Carolina can have serious long-term consequences. Whether you have been arrested for drunk driving, drug possession, shoplifting, assault, domestic violence or any other crime, the penalties for a conviction can be severe. At Beaver Courie Law Firm, our lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience that makes a difference for defendants in Cumberland County, Hoke County, Moore County and beyond.

Our dedicated team of Fayetteville criminal defense lawyers has the legal knowledge, litigation experience, and fighting spirit to fully investigate your case, explore all defense options, and protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Once you find out that you are being investigated for a crime, it is important to hire a lawyer immediately. Hiring a criminal defense attorney in Fayetteville, Raeford, or Pinehurst at the beginning of the trial may affect whether or not you are charged. Beaver Courie`s criminal defense lawyers are available and ready to protect you from start to finish. Beaver said he believed the injunction that prevented him from providing legal services had expired when he was deported. He argued that he was merely offering “tutoring” to the law, insisting that it was “high time.” to get clarification on the jobs I could do that “use my knowledge and experience.” On December 23, 2015, he agreed not to do any legal work, but appeared within the following month as a representative of an existing client in Provincial Court and also provided legal advice in a driving impairment case. “Mr. Beaver planned and executed a secret illegal enterprise,” Rooke wrote. Peer on Avvo “She is a tireless advocate for her clients. A credit to the legal profession, as it helps other young lawyers share their acquired knowledge so that they can better serve their clients. “He does not regret continuing his clandestine and illegal legal practice after 2015. He only regrets being caught.

Sir. Beaver knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway. At Beaver Courie, criminal defense lawyers from Fayetteville, Raeford and Pinehurst know how to fight for people charged with drug possession, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, drug distribution, and more. In North Carolina, penalties for a drug tax often depend on the type of schedule of the drug in question. Marijuana is a List VI controlled substance. Schedule V, IV, III, II and I drugs are increasingly dangerous and addictive. The higher the type of schedule, the higher the criminal penalties for the charges associated with it. Our criminal defense team has successfully defended clients in a variety of circumstances related to drug-related offences. Whether it`s marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or illegal prescription drugs, our lawyers have the expertise to review the evidence, investigate all sorts of defenses, and find weaknesses in the prosecution`s case.

After his suspension, Beaver began offering his services as a “legal representative” through a website called Beaver Legal Consulting. At the end of 2015, he signed a document in which he undertook not to provide such services. With over 120 years of legal expertise, Beaver Courie`s lawyers understand that the circumstances that require our help are often stressful, frightening and challenging. Whether you`ve been charged with a crime, traffic violation, or traffic violation, preparing for divorce or custody dispute, or been seriously injured in an accident that wasn`t your fault, we know that the weight of a potentially life-changing situation can be too much to bear on its own. That`s why our lawyers remain ready to take that stress away from you. We know how to guide you through the legal process and keep you informed. When it comes to results, Beaver Courie`s lawyers have the knowledge and experience to make a difference. Beaver Courie`s lawyers know that there are few things more difficult than dealing with the effects of a legal battle involving your family. Whether you just want to know your options or you`re already involved in a fierce legal battle, our family law team is here to help you find a solution focused on achieving your ideal outcome. Our goal is to tailor our representation to your needs, and our team is fully prepared to meet those needs, whether by negotiating a friendly and harmonious solution with a family member or aggressively representing your interests inside and outside the courtroom.

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