The ethical investigator covers asset search, due diligence, and other private company investigation issues. Blog topics include explaining ethics in investigations, privacy, online safety, and more. One complaint you often hear from criminal law specialists is that most high-quality online content tends to focus solely on defense. This is what makes Crime & Consequences so valuable. It offers a balanced perspective on both sides of the legal equation and is arguably the best non-defense-focused legal blog. Note: This ranking is subjective. Business Insider evaluated blogs based on the blogs we read the most to stay on top of the day`s legal news. But technology is evolving rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to stay up to date on technical legal news.

Below are the best technically focused legal blogs. The mission of the Law Business Media blog is to “provide the essential information necessary for the success of a general counsel.” You will work closely with global corporate law departments and external consultants to provide insightful and knowledgeable content to readers. Count on them for articles on legal services management, purchasing, career development, and in-house legal technology. It is impossible to have infinite control over all processes in the legal world. Lawyers are not newsrooms. But if you`re looking for ways to keep up with the news, grow and grow your practice, better serve your clients, or take the next step in your legal career, identifying and interacting with the right legal blogs can make a big difference in your career path. Legal ethics is at the heart of the lawyer`s profession. Below are the best legal blogs covering all areas of ethics. You may find my blog, which I use as an “online notebook” to record recent developments in the UK and beyond, useful: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Conduct Law is a business law firm that provides legal services to entrepreneurs, businesses, business owners and their families in Canada, the United States and Southeast Asia. 104a 1.1K â Jun 2014 Get Email Contact Why it`s great: The Careerist breaks down the legal industry`s job market – which is admittedly not the best – and covers hiring trends and offers career advice.

Legal Reader is a legal news blog with uncompromising ethics. They focus on protecting consumers from corporate abuse, making them a great resource for legal information junkies and corporate law specialists. What makes it unique: A notable offering is the Above the Law Career Center, which provides career blogs, ideas, and other content organized specifically for all three phases of the lawyer`s journey. Pre-law, law student and lawyer. The best legal blogs offer informative and comprehensive articles written by experts in the legal industry. The best legal blogs are also regularly updated with new content, and they take the time to make sure old articles are updated to stay relevant. While neither you nor your clients should rely on a blog to give you legal advice, legal blogs can provide general information and advice to legal clients and lawyers. What makes it unique: LexBlog`s resource center is a treasure trove of business blogs. It`s a hidden gem, ideal for lawyers looking for social media support, blog bases for their firms, and more. Gone are the days when you could only learn by dragging yourself through long law books.

Legal blogs offer quick and educational content that is perfect for a morning coffee break or commute break. Whether you`re looking for the latest updates on a court case or tips and tricks to build your internal career, there`s most likely a legal blogger who`s written on the subject. LexBlog has a legal blogging community of over 30,000 blog publishers worldwide. Undoubtedly one of the best legal blogs, one could point to their early debut in the game as the reason for their success and the trust of readers. CEO and founder Kevin O`Keefe saw a need for legal blogs 16 years ago, and LexBlog is still trusted by both old and new readers. This loyalty speaks volumes about LexBlogs` commitment to providing world-class legal news. JDJournal provides legal news for all lawyers. The articles range from tracking the career stages of leading lawyers to summarizing the best law firms in the energy sector to work for. This robust website is divided into a comprehensive matrix of specialized and industry-specific legal blogs. From developments in the Middle East to environmental law to fintech topics, L&W has an article for everything, making it a great one-stop shop for legal resources. Not sure how to choose the best legal conferences to attend this year? Read our guide to. Small business law is remarkably well regarded in the blogosphere, and Law 4 Small Business is one of the best outlets of its kind.

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