Prospective students or professionals who live outside the state and don`t want to move or travel to campus can consider a master`s degree in online legal studies to take advantage of the flexibility of online degrees. Many online and on-campus Master of Laws programs offer a choice of law majors. It is important that you carefully compare the programs and concentrations offered. Since a master`s degree in legal studies is often used to expand an existing career, you may want to balance your concentration with your current profession so that you get your degree armed to make a greater contribution in the field of your choice. Students learn to work effectively in a governmental, entrepreneurial, non-profit or legal environment. Graduates will gain an understanding of how to communicate effectively on legal issues, assess legal issues, and do extensive research on U.S. law, including business and bylaws. While an online master`s degree in law removes remote barriers for high-quality programs, students may consider nearby schools. Attending a school near you makes it easier to access resources on campus and meet with faculty or other school staff, such as career services. If your program includes an on-campus requirement, attending a nearby school can reduce travel costs. You also have the option to take a course on campus if you wish. The University of Denver offers a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) for students who feel their current position would benefit from a solid foundation in law, our legal system, and sound reasoning. The Master of Legal Studies offers students the opportunity to network with lawyers and professional associations.

Sturm College of Law in Ud is one of the best law schools in the country and is considered one of the few sustainable institutions in the country to host a law school – the first LEED-certified law school in the country. Our list includes programs offered online, on campus or as hybrid study plans. Synchronous Master`s programs in Legal Studies allow students to attend classes on a fixed schedule in coordination with their classmates, similar to a traditional classroom environment. Using the webcam, students connect at certain times to watch lectures, interact with their classmates, and learn in tandem. Drexel University`s Kline School of Law offers a Master of Legal Studies, which has been ranked by as the second best online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program. Drexel University`s MLS program offers graduates a variety of academic specializations, including sports law, cybersecurity, healthcare compliance, higher education, criminal law, human resources, and financial compliance. Drexels School of Law is among the top 3% ABA accredited law schools in the country. Earning a Master of Laws degree may include courses such as U.S.

Common Law, Legal Drafting, Criminal Procedure, International Law, Civil Procedure Law, etc. Sometimes the program of a Master of Laws overlaps with that of law graduate students. MLS students may be ready to learn about legal systems in the United States, laws abroad, and working with various clients. An online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) and other Master of Laws programs can provide an advanced understanding of laws, regulations, and legal standards and procedures that affect businesses and organizations. These degree programs are generally aimed at non-lawyers seeking knowledge in various areas of law, including regulations, compliance, negotiations, human resources, law enforcement, etc. We`ve compiled a list of over 21 online Master of Laws programs and gathered some information about the programs here so you can find the best schools for you. Some of these are online master`s programs in legal studies, while others are narrow variations, such as an online Master of Science in Law or a Master of Laws studies. All of these listed online programs have been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and offer both full-time and part-time options for students. Western New England University`s Master of Laws degree can be completed part-time on the Springfield, MA campus in as many years as the student needs to complete the program.

The Master of Science in Law is designed for students who feel that a basic understanding of law would be useful in their current career. West New England has a flexible program so students can take classes when it best fits the student`s schedule. Regent University offers an online Master of Laws, which is considered one of the best Master of Legal Studies (MLS) programs in the state, available entirely online. This 30-semester online MLS degree offers fourteen concentrations for candidates to choose from. These academic streams include criminal justice, immigration law, business, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance, to name a few. The Princeton Review recognizes the quality of Regent`s law school as one of the top five in the country. Courses include, among other things, legislation and regulation, as well as the basis of legal thinking. Is your goal to acquire your master`s degree in legal studies as soon as possible or do you need flexibility to integrate your studies into your professional and social commitments? Answering these questions will help you determine whether a full-time or part-time program is right for you.

The Master of Arts programs were offered online and consisted of 30 units. Courses are offered completely asynchronously to meet the student schedule with a low student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1. Students have the opportunity to participate and learn from real-life client scenarios such as writing memos or carrying out relevant research and writing projects. Webster University offers a Master of Legal Studies, which requires graduates to complete 39 credits to meet the requirements of the program. Courses for one of the best online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) programs in Missouri include legal ethics for professionals, criminal acts, computer-aided legal research, jurisprudence, advanced topics in law, and a writing/research project. This Webster Master of Legal Studies program is designed for professionals who, as non-lawyers, need a deeper knowledge of the law.

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