Democratic Rep. Mandie Landry of New Orleans voluntarily postponed her House Bill 67 to decriminalize prostitution after it became clear that the House Criminal Justice Committee would kill her in a vote. Some have said that prostitution is a crime, exposing sex workers to violence and abuse. Landry`s bill would also legalize sex work in massage parlors. She says she would introduce a clean bill next year to remove the legal records of prostitutes if the bill passes. It will be presented during the legislature from 12 April. BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Rep. Mandie Landry, D-New Orleans, wants to decriminalize prostitution. She introduced a bill that would remove sex work from the state`s penal code, arguing that it would make the practice safer.

Representative Landry also cited personal liberty as a reason to support this bill. According to Landry, the state should not care what happens between two or more consenting adults. Landry said her next steps, if passed and passed, would be to propose a “clean sheet” bill. This would erase a prostitute`s criminal record. Landry and other supporters stressed that the law would not legalize prostitution or repeal anti-sex trafficking laws that force people, including minors, to engage in sex work. A former prostitute said she was afraid to go to the police after being raped for fear of being arrested herself, a story repeated by other supporters of the Landry bill. After some lawmakers on the committee loudly protested that the bill would be sent to the entire House of Representatives for consideration, Landry agreed to voluntarily postpone it. This is a step to prevent him from being killed by lawmakers on the podium.

“They`re being watched for nothing more than putting food on the table,” said Harris, who said prostitution helped her raise six children and send them to school and college. A Louisiana official wants to legalize prostitution in the state. According to a bill introduced by Rep. Mandie Landry, the bill she proposed would change the way state laws perceive prostitution. In fact, if Landry`s measure becomes law, it will remove sex work from the Louisiana Penal Code. Landry believes the changes are necessary, arguing that it would make the practice safer. “If you legalize prostitution, it will increase human trafficking,” Hall explained. Landry says decriminalizing prostitution would also promote safer sex, as protection is currently used as evidence of an illegal encounter. “This law would decriminalize prostitution,” Landry said. “What this bill would do is essentially stop arresting people over the age of 18 who engage in consensual sexual behaviour, sexual activity, excuse me, for money,” Landry said. Patrina Mosley of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said most women who do sex work are exploited and abused.

She said decriminalizing prostitution would increase human trafficking and violent crime. Melissa Flournoy of Louisiana Progress said the treatment of prostitution is associated with hypocrisy. She said women involved in sex work are too often punished for this activity, while men who pay for sex do not receive similar penalties. Current and former sex workers were among those who voted in favour of the proposal, saying they had been discriminated against because of the profession they had chosen. They said the stigma surrounding prostitution makes it difficult for sex workers to report crimes, access health services and find housing. They said prostitution surveillance often targets people of color and the LGBTQ community. Associations representing district attorneys and sheriffs also rejected the bill. “We respectfully ask you today to say no to this bill that would put far too many young people and marginalized populations at risk of becoming the next victim of human trafficking,” Lochridge said. LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – State lawmakers are trying to curb the sex trafficking epidemic in Louisiana. New Orleans Rep.

Mandie Landry introduces a controversial bill that she says will reduce cases by legalizing prostitution. This would remove sex work from the state penal code. Landry claims that the law would actually protect prostitutes by allowing them to report abuses without fear of being imprisoned themselves. BATON ROUGE (WVUE) – A rally was held outside the state Capitol in support of Rep. Mandie Landry`s Bill 67, which would decriminalize prostitution in Louisiana. Sources deeply involved in the prostitution investigation believe that the bill will not reduce problems that are already out of control. “This work has been heavily monitored, monitored for nothing more than trying to put food on the table,” said Lakeesha Harris, who described herself as a former second-generation sex worker who represents Women With A Vision, an organization that defends the law. The House Criminal Justice Committee was prepared to reject Rep. Mandie Landry`s bill to repeal a dozen prostitution-related crimes, so Landry voluntarily rejected the measure before the vote. Landry said human trafficking and forcing people to do something against their will would remain a crime under her bill.

One by one, the proponents of the bill took a seat at the witness table. She said some of the proponents of her bill don`t understand why sex work is mostly legal when filmed. Most law books treat pornographers as artists, not sex workers. Sex work involves more than what prostitution advocates say. BATON ROUGE, La. In the face of opposition from her colleagues, a New Orleans congresswoman on Tuesday shelved her proposal to decriminalize statewide prostitution and ended debate for the legislature. Sheri Lochridge is at Covenant House in New Orleans and has spoken out against the law.

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