Buholegal has developed two APIs to automate access to our services. The first is the Records API, which alerts and monitors forensic extensions. The second is the legal basis API, which allows the search and investigation of the legal context of a natural or legal person. Minimize risk with Buholegal. You can research people`s legal context before granting loans. How do “personal alerts” work? Up to two “notifications per name” can be created in one state with your free account. Every evening, Buholegal will search through all the actions of the state (common jurisdiction and district courts of his state) to see if there is an incident with the “name”. If we find a new case or file in which your “name” appears as an actor, defendant or plaintiff, the system will send you an email. When a new case is detected, buholegal`s system adds the file as a new “file alert”. The free account can monitor up to five different files. Would you like to know how your lawyer is performing? Up to five trials can be monitored free of charge. Whenever there is activity in your case, we will send you an email informing you of the activity.

This way, you can make sure that your lawyer is aware of all your cases. If you want to monitor 5 cases for free, click the button. Buholegal has a number of valuable legal services for the general public free of charge. For example, you can monitor up to five legal cases and receive email notifications when activity occurs in those cases. The lawyer can create notifications to receive email notifications when the activity occurs in your case. We oversee thousands of courts in the republic, both the common jurisdiction and the federal judiciary. Up to 5 cases can be monitored simultaneously and free of charge. Premium accounts are described here: www.buholegal.com/premium. If you want to monitor 5 cases for free, click the button. The Buholegal system allows you to consult the lists of agreements and files of all the federal courts of the Mexican Republic. and the common law courts of the Republic, with the exception of the states of Tlaxcala and Oaxaca. The system allows you not only to view, but also to create alerts on specific cases that notify you when a new agreement is reached in those cases.

There is a predefined limit for alerts by name for each premium account type. If you are a lawyer, you can register for free in the directory. You have just started a dispute but you do not know the file number? With our forensic research service, you can conduct searches in the state or in the federal system. Is your doctor really a doctor? Is your architect really an architect? Is your graduate really licensed? Is the teacher really a teacher? Has your mayor finished the race? You can find this data for free by searching the SEP Professionals Database. If you want to view business certificates, click the button. You can also schedule a “name warning” to find out if someone is suing you. There are also other free tools such as professional certificate consultation and RFC or CURP consultations. Want to know if you`re going to be sued? Want to know if anyone else is part of a trial? In our Forensic Research section, you can search at the state level or in the federal system.

With the free account, up to five cases can be monitored. If you want to increase the number of cases in your free account, we have premium accounts to meet your needs. We also have other free services, including easy access to official journals throughout the Republic, laws and regulations throughout the Republic, and other sources of legal research. Fill in one or more fields. You don`t have to worry about uppercase and lowercase letters or accent marks. It allows you to know the RFC, name, designation or business name of taxpayers who have a business, enforceable, non-localized, pardoned tax liability, or a conviction for tax offense who have received a tax credit. You will also be able to know the taxpayers who presume before the SAT to carry out non-existent transactions by issuing invoices or tax receipts. We offer a variety of free services to the general public, such as notifications when someone sues you and viewing professional certificates. See our Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics. All professional certificates are validated before the Ministry of Public Education and the CURP provided is validated before the national population register.

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